MasterCard Priceless Gig
MasterCard Priceless Gig
Performance by Kylie Minogue
Associated album Kiss Me Once
Location Bloomsbury Ballroom, London, England
Date (s) 18 March 2014 (2014-03-18)

In March 2014, Kylie performed at the Bloomsbury Ballroom in London as part of the MasterCard Priceless concerts; the concert took place 4 days after the release of, and was designed to promote, her twelfth studio album Kiss Me Once (2014). The set list, like other promotional performances for Kiss Me Once, was short, this one featuring 10 songs; 5 songs from Kiss Me Once and the rest from her post-2000 catalog.

The show featured a costume change, with "Skirt" being performed as an interlude.

Set listEdit

1. "Sexercize"
2. "Wow"
3. "Can't Get You Out of My Head"
4. "Slow"
5. "Skirt" (Interlude)
6. "Beautiful"
7. "Kiss Me Once"
8. "Love at First Sight"
9. "Les Sex"
10. "Into the Blue"