Let's Get to It
Let's Get to It
Song by Kylie Minogue
From the album Let's Get to It
A-side "Celebration"
Released 14 October 1991 (1991-10-14)
  • New jack swing
  • R&B
Length 4:49
Label PWL
  • Mike Stock
  • Pete Waterman
  • Mike Stock
  • Pete Waterman
Let's Get to It track listing
"If You Were with Me Now"
"Let's Get to It"
"Right Here, Right Now"

"Let's Get to It" is a song by Kylie Minogue from her her fourth studio album of the same name. Written and produced by Mike Stock and Pete Waterman, the song appears as the sixth song on the album, and the next year appeared as the B-Side to "Celebration", alongside "Too Much of a Good Thing", which also appears on Let's Get to It.