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iTunes Festival

Performance at the eighth iTunes Festival as part of the Kiss Me Once Tour
iTunes Festival
ITunes Festival cover
Promotional concert by Kylie Minogue
Tour Kiss Me Once Tour
Associated album Kiss Me Once
Date 27 September 2014 (2014-09-27)
Venue The Roundhouse, London
Shows 1

In 2014, Kylie appeared in the artist line-up for the eighth iTunes Festival (now named the Apple Music Festival), in The Roundhouse in Camden Town, London. The performance was also listed as part of Kylie's Kiss Me Once Tour and became the third show of the tour and the first of four in London.

The show was based largely around the Kiss Me Once Tour, using a similar running order which had been edited to fit the time constraints, as well as new costumes. This show also became the basis used for other small-venue concerts like Monte Carlo.

Set listEdit

Act One: First Kiss
1. "Breathe" (Contains elements of "Les Sex")
2. "Les Sex"
3. "In My Arms"
4. "Sexy Love"
5. "Wow"

Act Two: Secret Kiss
6. "Bauhaus Disco" (Interlude)
7. "Step Back in Time"
8. "Spinning Around"
9. "Your Disco Needs You"
10. "On a Night Like This"
11. "Slow"

Act Three: Lick Kiss
12. "Skirt" (Dance interlude)
13. "Sexercize"
14. "Nu-Di-Ty Segue" (Interlude containing excerpts of "Nu-Di-Ty" and "Sexercize" as well as elements of Lil Louis' "French Kiss")
15. "Can't Get You Out of My Head"
16. "Beautiful"
17. "Kiss Me Once"

Act Four: Aussie Kiss
18. "Get Outta My Way"
19. "Love at First Sight"
20. "All the Lovers"

21. "Into the Blue"
22. "The Loco-Motion"

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