F1 Grand Prix 2016
Kylie Live in Singapore
Performance by Kylie Minogue
Venue The Padang, Singapore
Date (s) 16 September 2016 (2016-09-16)

In September 2016, Kylie performed at the F1 Grand Prix in Singapore. The show comprised of a mix of new performances as well as some already existing performances coming from her Kiss Me Once Tour and Kylie Summer 2015 shows.

Set listEdit

Act One
1. "Intro" (contains elements of "Light Years" and "Skirt")
2. "Better the Devil You Know"
3. "What Do I Have to Do"
4. "In Your Eyes"
5. "Timebomb"
6. "Wow"
7. "On a Night Like This"

Act Two
8. "Bauhaus Disco"
9. "Step Back in Time"
10. "Spinning Around"
11. "Your Disco Needs You"
12. "Slow"
13. "I Believe in You"

Act Three
14. "Get Outta My Way"
15. "Can't Get You Out of My Head"
16. "I Should Be So Lucky" (Acapella)
17. "The Loco-Motion"
18. "Kids"
19. "Celebration"
20. "Love at First Sight"
21. "All the Lovers"

22. "Into the Blue"